I ordered one of there diamonds. After I started reading reviews about them.

Should have done it before ordering it. But because I got nervous after reading they were fake, I called the company and cancled my order. They were very professional and cancled my order right away. I received 2 emails that day one from the company, and one from the finance company, that my order was canceled.

I don,t beleive they are a scam if they were I would have not gotten such good service. But for my own peice of mind I went to a jewely store to purchase.

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we'll see what happens. I got nervous today from all the bad reviews that I should have researched before I ordered, but I emailed the Agape and the finance company , the order has not been shipped yet and I certainly do not want it now. let's see how good the customer service is when you change your mind.

to queen irene #1401606

Did you really think you were going to get a giant perfect diamond for a couple of thousand dollars????

Really? That is comical.

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